HWID Reset fee

HWID reset fee


MACROKINGZ charges a fee for hardware ID resets to prevent users from abusing our good will.
Due to recent events where users requested several hardware ID resets and then sharing/selling their key with other users, we will now charge a fee to hwid reset (lifetime) keys. If you receive a “License error” or “Activation error” on your loader, then this means your PC hardware IDs changed. The loader couldn’t identify you as the original user of the key. In this case, you will need a “HWID reset” for your key. In order to receive a HWID reset:

1. Purchase this product and copy the order ID you received as confirmation via email
2. Open a ticket with reason “HWID Reset” on our Discord support server
3. Post your order ID in the support ticket (of this hwid reset purchase) and your MACROKINGZ keys which need a hwid reset
4. Wait for an admin to verify your payment and perform the hardware ID resets for your keys
5. Done, you can play again!

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