MACROKINGZ offers you the chance to purchase your own private macro software client, exclusively made and only being used by you. Boost your security to the maximum and enjoy a lot of other benefits coming with this option!

Product: 1 month key for your own private client
Price:Β 14,99$ / month




Ever dreamed of having your own private macro software shared with no one else? Now is your chance to get it!
MACROKINGZ offers you the unique opportunity to purchase a private client build which willΒ exclusively be build/generated just for YOU.
Your unique private build will be a full standalone loader separated from the public build, receiving its own updates, patches and premium support.
Your MACROKINGZ private client offers you the maximum security you can gain when playing online with macros/scripts – That’s a promise! 😈
But that’s not it.. Private client users also enjoy a bunch of otherΒ exclusive benefits, listed down below!


━━━━━━ β˜…Β BENEFITSΒ β˜…Β β”β”β”β”β”β”

By purchasing this upgrade you’ll instantly receive the following benefits:

π’ŠΉ A unique loader/client build manually generated just for you
Lowest possible detection risk due to client running in kernel mode
Maximum security due to unique client signature/binaries/hash
You get 9 additional macro/script slots unlocked in your loader
First priority status regarding support via Discord & E-Mail
A permanent price reduction of 10% on all our macro packages
Exclusive Discord tag/role in our support/community Discord

MACROKINGZ is the only known provider worldwide who offers a macro/script loader running in kernel/ring0 mode:


━━━━━━ β˜…Β PRICE β˜…Β β”β”β”β”β”β”

Buying a key gets you access to your own private loader for 30 days. No automatic subscription or additional costs.
Download and key will automatically get send to you via email right after purchase.

β†’ 14.99$ / month



━━━━━━ β˜…Β INFO β˜…Β β”β”β”β”β”β”

Please note: This upgrade is fully optional.
Access to our public MACROKINGZ client remains free and won’t be taken away from you at any time.
All gaming macros you purchased will also work on the private client.